“Unity for Security” Conference in Abu Dhabi 28-03-2017

His Highness Sheikh Khalifa Bin Zayed Al Nahyan, President of the United Arab Emirates, represented by His Highness Sheikh Mohammad Bin Zayed, Crown Prince of Abu Dhabi and Deputy Supreme Commander of the Armed Forces.

Your Highnesses and Excellencies, Interpol Secretary General, Mr. Jürgen Stock

Ladies and Gentlemen,

The security issue has surpassed all other issues and concerns in the world. The security issue has become the obsession of Heads of States and Governments, and has become the biggest challenge for police and security services, and the most serious threat to diplomats, and to social, economic and touristic sectors at the international level, and to every human being on earth.

The world lives today the era of terrorism, and we want it to live the era of eliminating terrorism.

As Terrorism and Organized Crime are becoming more brutal, widespread, and complex; the world is growing in need to devise more advanced strategies, and more committed cooperation, to eradicate this brutality.

Terrorism, as you know, has no religion, no country, no cause, and no identity… And the world, represented by every Nation, State and Religion, has no choice but confrontation to exterminate terrorism. Today, the time has come, to take action and move as part of a new global strategy. Today, the time has come, for the world to shift from reactions, to anticipate action. Allow me here to note that His Highness Sheikh Mohammad Bin Zayed, before all people decided, with his strategic vision, to adopt 7 unique security programs that will create a secure network for 7 billion human beings. History will remember that Sheikh Mohammad made of Abu Dhabi a global platform to create a safer world.

The time has come for an efficient international cooperation, strategic partnerships, to engage the private sector in building innovative security systems. Yes, the time has come to defeat terrorism and transnational crime.

For that reason, we are here today, in Abu Dhabi, the capital of tolerance and moderation, the capital of values and noblemen, to put in your hands, in cooperation with the Interpol and the UAE, the latest security programs to counter terrorism and organized crime. Please allow me to address the heads of delegations and the representatives of States participating in this event, to confirm that: These programs are for all of you, and you are real partners in it to defeat terrorism and organized crime.

Ladies and Gentlemen, There is no doubt that we all have the determination and good will to make the world more peaceful and secure, but motivation alone is not enough. There is no doubt that we are all firmly convinced that we cannot defeat terrorism and organized crime but through a comprehensive international cooperation, a comprehensive security strategy, and innovative tools worldwide. The Interpol is ready for this challenge and capable of assistance and support, with its priceless databases, incomparable experience, and the most advanced and efficient strategic programs in the world. The power of the Interpol Organization and the Interpol Foundation comes from you and goes to you; and the Interpol is devoted to offer everything it has to make the world safer and more secure. The private sector in the whole world must be involved, because it is directly concerned with the threats, whether from terrorism or organized crime. For example, airlines, hotels, banks, informatics, medical and car companies need protection, and need to protect its customers and investments. Likewise, international companies need protection from piracy and forgery of their brands, which imposes on them heavy financial losses, and in return provides criminals with illicit profits to finance their criminal operations.

The time has come to take audacious steps. The time has come to lay the foundation stone to build a genuine partnership between the public and private sectors in the face of criminals, pirates and counterfeiters.

Ladies and Gentlemen, The United Arab Emirates has been the pioneering country in adopting this comprehensive strategy, thanks to the wisdom of its leadership, especially His Highness Sheikh Mohammad Bin Zayed. The UAE bet on the strategic partnership with the Interpol, and supported the launching of 7 prominent security programs, to fight terrorism and organized crime worldwide. These programs include counter-terrorism, cybercrime, vehicle crime, illicit drug trade, illicit markets, cultural heritage and vulnerable communities. The Interpol Foundation will have a headquarters in Abu Dhabi to launch these programs and follow-up their implementation, and experts will discuss the details of the programs during this event.

Finally, I would like to thank Honorable Ministers, Representatives of States, Security and Police Leaders And Representatives of the Private Sector from around the world, who answered the call to participate in this big event.

Please allow me to extend my appreciations and congratulations to the people and leadership of the United Arab Emirates, for all their keenness to contribute in the promotion of global security and the fight against terrorism and organized crime, and for hosting this conference. And I am honored to particularly thank His Highness Sheikh Mohammad Bin Zayed for sponsoring this historical initiative, and for always being a patron of peace and promoter of security and stability, and a leader who embraces every serious, creative and advanced project. I would also like to thank the President of the Organization and the Executive Board, as I would also like to thank the Interpol Secretary General Mr. Jürgen Stock, for all his support and efforts to ensure the success of the 7 international security programs, and this conference in particular. Allow me also to thank the organizing committee, all the Interpol leaders, and the team that cooperated with me, day and night, during the past year, to get here today.

Ladies and Gentlemen, Together, we can defeat terrorism Yes… Together, we can defeat terrorism.