President Elias Murr after meeting Rahi: Presidential elections still Lebanese 24-03-2015

Maronite Patriarch Beshara al-Rahi received on Monday INTERPOL Foundation President Elias Murr who stated after the meeting that they “tackled the situation in the region, the dangers threatening the Christians in the Middle East as well as the genocides against them, and recently the massacres against the Assyrians.”

They also touched on the issue of the presidential void in Lebanon and its consequences on the Lebanese Christians as it is the only Christian position among 22 Arab countries.

Murr added that presidential elections used to happen in Lebanon following tragic events since 1975; therefore there was no democracy in electing a strong president.

“My opinion until now is that the decision of electing a president is still Lebanese, if MPs decide to elect a president before summer time”.

Moreover, Murr said: “I have informed His Beatitude of my visit to the Vatican as well as my visit to European and Arab countries”.