The Army was and remains on an equal footing

The Deputy Prime Minister and National Defense Minister, H.E.M. Elias El Murr delivered a speech to the army, in which he declared: «You avoided the trap of being drawn into street fighting with your brothers, and protected your unity in order to preserve the union of the homeland. You did not stay neutral but did not use your artillery to safeguard the civil peace. Your bodies were your shields to defend Lebanon. And I know that the 40 000 troops and the 10 000 reserves that had extended their services cannot perform all the required tasks in this country ».

Mr. El Murr also considered that in every significant stage Lebanon has recently went through, «each team aspired to enjoy the army’s support, but the armed forces remain the prerogative of the country; the army does not favor a team over the other since it is aware that being biased may disrupt the national balance and affect the military establishment at the level of its unity and cohesion. And if, God forbids, the army comes apart as it was the case in the past, the nation will get divided and Lebanon will thus fall».

El-Murr also stressed that the army remains true to his ideology, methodology and principles. It is neither affected by the changes that may occur, nor by the shift in the balance of power. The army was and remains on an equal footing and will only raise its weapons in the face of Israel and terrorism, in favor of security and stability.

He concluded: «This could be my last message to you, but will certainly not be my last stop by your side, regardless of any situation in which I might be».