Word to the maintenance of military victory

The minister of National Defense, H.E.M. Elias El Murr urged the Lebanese politicians not to let the Lebanese victory over "terrorism" get wasted within their political conflicts, insisting on the necessity of electing a new President.

Mr. El Murr warned of the danger emerging from the establishment of 2 governments and the waste of the presidential electoral event date, without electing a new president, which will represent a crime against Lebanon and the Lebanese people.

He pinpointed to the sacrifices that were made by the state, who was able to bring down the occupation, terror and divisions. He also clearly mentioned the political crisis that emerged since last November between the parliamentary majority supporting the government of H.E.M. Siniora and backed up by the west, and Hezbollah lead opposition backed up by Iran and Syria.

In a press conference, Murr stressed on the fact that the army's victory diluted the biggest threat ever faced by the Lebanese people, indicating that Fateh AL Islam organization was planning to spread over in order to isolate the north from the south according to Islamic principles.

He also stressed on the importance of increasing the army's fighting capacities, regardless the financial costs that remain less expensive than the dangers that threat the country.

He also renewed the army's commitment to defend the south against the Israeli enemy and to implement the Security Council Resolution 1701 and Taef agreement, to monitor the Syrian – Lebanese border and the territorial waters, with a view to reinforce security and stability in the country.

Moreover, Murr declared that the army killed and arrested more than 400 members of Fateh Al Islam terrorists in the battles that occurred in Nahr el Bared camp in the north of Lebanon during 15 weeks.

Murr's declarations fell in the context of a press conference held in Beirut, in which he confirmed that the army was able to kill 222 members of Fateh Al Islam and to capture 202 others, in addition to the unknown number of the ones killed in the LAF ranks in the framework of the battles that ended on Sunday with the collapse of the camp.