Speech for the electoral process


I am not standing here to give you a lesson like professors usually do, but to define the directives related to your missions, given that you are in charge of administrating the electoral process within the electoral posts.

We want to hold natural elections, as the case is in the most developed countries.

We want to hold elections up to the ambitions of our fellow citizens, up to the sacrifices of the people who suffered a lot and stood up and vanquished the Israeli occupation and liberated themselves.

We want to hold elections up to the Lebanese people ambitions revolving around being free and civilized.

We are a democratic country, and we have all the features to act democratically. It is our people's right to freely elect their representatives. Thus, it is our duty, your duty, to ensure the implementation of this right.

Read the electoral role thoroughly, save it by heart, and implement its clauses and articles.

Implement your prerogatives objectively without hesitation, facilitate the electoral operations, do not be laxist in rebuking any irregularity, do not interfere and do not let anyone interfere. Leave politics outside the electoral posts and voting bureaus.

Treat voters with patience and politeness, according to human rights' respect.

Set the standards, in assuming your responsibilities within a national conscience, and be sure that we will not be late in ensuring your rights and deeds, as well as asking you to ensure the application of your duty.


Let September 9th be an exemplary day for freedom and democracy, a shiny day of dignity for all the liberated villages, and an honorary day in the history of Lebanon.

Long Live Lebanon