Fighting drugs

  • 2091 Persons were arrested for drugs related crimes, a number which has never been recorded since the spreading of this epidemic in Lebanon.
  • 112 million square meters of poppy seed plantations were destroyed, as well as 8 million and 541 square meters of opium that were completely destroyed.
  • Organizing seminars and awareness lectures and distributing 50000 posters and fliers, in addition to T.V and radio clips, warning against the dangers of this epidemic.
  • Organizing dozens of seminars and lectures sponsored by the Ministry of Interior and municipalities in order to raise the awareness of drugs dangers, especially the "National Conference on drug control", organized by "Idrak" association, in collaboration with the Regional office of the UN Drug control and crime prevention in the Middle East and North Africa, in addition to another lecture entitled: "the role of women in fighting drugs", with the cooperation of the General Directorate of Internal Security Forces, and “Naef” Arabic Academy for security sciences.
  • The visit of the Minister of interior and municipalities to Emm al Nour association for drug addicts rehabilitation/ New Sehayli. The visit aimed at supporting the abovementioned civil association, which takes care of drug victims who are willing to get over their bad experiences.