Civil Defense

H.E.M. Elias El Murr has achieved a quantum leap in terms of civil defense during his mandate as Minister of Interior & Municipalities, recording the following:

  • The formation and establishment of 135 new centers
  • The signature of a convention with Switzerland to face natural disasters
  • The launching of 63838 rescue and relief operations
  • The training of 19584 persons on rescue and relief operations
  • The deployment on the main streets during holidays and festivals
  • The design of a special costume to face chemical and germ attacks
  • The formation of a special unit for sea monitoring and rescue, and the work on a comprehensive plan at the Lebanese coast level to focus on strategic points
  • The deployment of the civil defense vehicles on the roads in all Lebanese regions (equivalent to 130 stations of prompt intervention), on highways and main streets during holidays and feasts
  • The signature of a cooperation protocol with the Swiss Federal Council in the framework of natural disasters or earthquakes. The Directorate worked on a joint training in the case of disasters in coordination with the Swiss State
  • The organization of awareness and guidance sessions on the civil defense activities for all security, military, civil bodies and associations
  • The implementation of 20416 fire extinction operations and 43422 rescue and relief operations. The trained members of the civil defense were sent abroad to be trained on the work of civil protection in Switzerland and Tunisia
  • July 1st was adopted as the day of civil defense in Lebanon.
  • The purchasing of 191 new vehicles (ambulance, fire, and tank trucks)
  • Providing one of the units of the Civil Defense with preventive uniforms to face chemical and biological weapons.
  • Providing all the departments of the Directorate of Civil Defense with computers to develop and accelerate the work.

Two maneuvers of maritime rescue:

The Civil defense units underwent maneuvers in the sea facing Jounieh, and Tabarja interspersed with:

  • Professional diving to save drowned persons.
  • Fire extinguishing on board of the boat.
  • Patients transfer to the beach, having recourse to sophisticated and modern technologies.

Maneuver to cope with disasters:

The Civil Defense underwent, under the supervision of Swiss experts, a maneuver in Jbeil – Annaya to save the area that was hit by an earthquake in which were used the latest civil defense mechanisms, in cooperation with the Internal Security Forces.