Strengthen the Relationship between Security Man and Citizen

During the mandate of H.E.M. Elias El Murr, he gave a particular attention to media awareness campaigns to be recorded as follows:

  • Lectures in schools and universities to strengthen the relationship between internal security forces and citizens.
  • The publication of around (1409) reports via different media means and revolving around the Internal Security forces' activities.
  • The execution of (636) journalist investigations through media means on drugs, theft crimes, and traffic accidents.
  • The completion of (141) filmed investigations by broadcast media on traffic and prisons.
  • The participation of a group of officers in radio and television seminars on issues related to fight against crime.
  • Helping universities' students in completing (46) academic studies related to their researches.
  • The distribution of two million media publications on the respect of traffic signs, seat belts use, avoiding drugs, and other similar issues.
  • The organization of school visits to different security units, in particular for elementary classes students.