Facilitating people's business and formalities.

  • More than 6 million administrative formalities were accomplished in the ministry of interior's directorates in 2 years.
  • A decree was issued, related to the use of a municipal index for facilitating municipality works, as well as citizens' formalities (the index was prepared by the ministry of interior and municipalities and distributed to citizens and municipalities).
  • 3.095.378 I.D cards were issued and distributed since the launching of the ID card workshop.
  • 9 personal status registration centers were created in conformity with several decrees issued after accepted by the council of ministers, in order to facilitate the citizens' formalities, avoiding therefore long trips to accomplish the abovementioned formalities.
  • Around 50.000 electoral ID cards were disseminated.
  • 1.301.242 cars were computerized.
  • It became possible to pay the taxes related to the cars through the banks according to a yearly program that includes a computerized list of cars.

Electronic Government project:

The E-Government project was prepared at the ministry's level.

The website: www.interor.gov.lb

The interior and municipalities ministry's website was created.