Steps for strengthening the administrative decentralization

The establishment of municipalities and municipal unions.


  • 12 new municipal unions were established

Establishment of municipalities:

  • 106 municipalities were established in different provinces of Lebanon with the creation of several neighborhoods in some towns in order to facilitate citizens' works.

Municipal elections in all Lebanese regions:

  • In the liberated South, municipal elections were held in 64 municipalities while complementary elections to elect a mayor and a mayors' council were also held in Majdelyoun village/ Shouf, following the return of the displaced citizens, in order to preserve the electoral process.
  • The departments in charge were asked to conduct a training course for assigned and mandated staff that was responsible for the electoral posts.
  • In addition to the resolution refraining from proceeding with any transaction unless stipulated by a legal provision which promotes the administrative decentralization, all decisions enter into force on its own unless prevented.