Prisons' modernisation

The minister of interior and municipalities, H.E.M. Elias El Murr, showed interest in improving the prisoners' status. During his mandate, he accomplished the following:

  • Establishing various schools within the prisons with a view to prepare the prisoners for their social re-insertion. For instance, an alphabetization school was established, along with computer and language schools. A music school was also established for music teaching, as a branch of the National Higher Conservatory of Music.
  • Granting official certificates for the graduates from the technical training and rehabilitation centers, issued from the social affairs ministry.
  • Reactivating workshops and small factories within the prisons, such as leather, porcelain, handcraft and soap workshops; moreover, electronics workshops specialized in T.V, along with electrical fans repair and maintenance workshops were also reactivated.
  • Organizing a sports day and basketball and volleyball competitions every Sunday.
  • Equipping prisons with gyms and dedicating time periods for physical training, especially for drug addicted people.
  • Instituting legal and judicial branches within the prisons in order to provide the required judicial assistance for prisoners who cannot afford an attorney (lawyer).
  • Enhancing the cooperation with civil societies to ease the pain of the prisoners and console them.
  • Creating a pharmacy, a medical center, and a dental clinic in each prison.