Elias Murr

Mon 27th Mar 2023


Defense Ministry's Achievements - Treaties and conventions

Subject: Draft agreement on granting the LAF military aids from China.

Signing date: 9/1/2009

Signing state: China

Subject: Understanding memo between the Lebanese mining center and the Swiss agency for civil emergency affairs.

Signing date: 8/6/2009

Signing state: Sweden

Subject: Understanding memo between the Lebanon mining center and the Danish pastorial aids associations.

Signing date: 7/30/2009

Signing state: Denmark

Subject: Agreement with Turkey, on training courses in Turkey.

Signing date: 4/21/2009

Signing state: Turkey

Subject: Understanding agreement on executing humanitarian operations to deal with cluster munitions and non explosive munitions in Lebanon.

Signing date: 4/14/2009

Signing state: Ayman Sazan Amran Paris

Subject: Agreement with the British authorities on providing technical aids in dealing with human congregations.

Signing date: 3/21/2009

Signing state: UK

Subject: Agreement on providing unmanned air vehicles systems with their spare parts for training.

Signing date: 2/26/2009

Signing state: U.S.A

Subject: Agreement on providing thermal binoculars and protective glasses for the LAF.

Signing date: 2/26/2009

Signing state: U.S.A