Elias Murr

Tue 6th Jun 2023


Defense Ministry's Achievements - Treaties and conventions

Subject: Understanding agreement between the MOD and SGBL Bank, on Supporting national programs. for humanitarian operations demining.

Signing date: 3/23/2010

Signing state: SGBL

Subject: Agreement with British authorities for training instructors in the technical field for the benefit of the counter terrorism unit.

Signing date: 3/23/2010

Signing state: UK

Subject: Draft agreement between Lebanon and France on technical cooperation (Janus).

Signing date: 3/11/2010

Signing state: France

Subject: Agreement between Lebanon and Russia in the military field.

Signing date: 2/25/2010

Signing state: Russian Federation

Subject: Technical draft agreement between the Lebanese and Italian National Defense ministries regarding the localization of an Italian platoon.

Signing date: 1/13/2010

Signing state: Italy

Subject: Understanding memo on technical and scientific cooperation and training in the military field.

Signing date: 1/11/2010

Signing state: Turkey

Subject: Understanding and cooperation memo between the Kuwaiti security System and the Intelligence directorate in the LAF.

Signing date: 11/8/2009

Signing state: Kuwait

Subject: Understanding memo between the Lebanese mining center and Norwegian civil aids association.

Signing date: 10/20/2009

Signing state: Norway