Elias Murr

Mon 5th Oct 2015

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Murr chairs meeting of the INTERPOL Foundation Board of Trustees in Monaco

President of INTERPOL Foundation Elias Murr chaired on Monday a meeting of the foundation’s board of trustees, attended by President of INTERPOL Organization Mireille Ballestrazzi and the INTERPOL Secretary General Ronald Noble at the Hermitage Hotel in Monaco.

The attendees discussed and adopted a number of strategic plans aiming to fight terrorism organized crimes.

After the meeting, Murr announced five exceptional projects aiming to protect banks and depositors against money laundering, terrorist groups funding, vehicle crime and theft as well as permitting every citizen in the world to check the validity of products (medical and others) via his cellular device, enhancing cooperation between the INTERPOL and judicial authorities around the world and deterring the theft of religious monuments.

“On the occasion of the INTERPOL’s 100th anniversary, we decided to launch these projects that reach 7 billion people around the globe, and Lebanon will be one of the beneficiaries,” Murr said after the meeting.

“There are around 7,500 arrest warrants against Lebanese individuals, but most of them are innocent, however, the INTERPOL is not to blame, but the old work mechanism abused by some countries aiming to issue false accusations,” he added.

“This will be changed and Lebanese judicial authority will be provided public general prosecution with electronic equipment, allowing it to directly contact INTERPOL for clarification and understanding in order to preserve the innocents’ rights and save them from being abused by some countries. Lebanon will be among the first 15 countries to receive this equipment,” Murr stated.

“Lebanon has become in the core of the global security equation, and according to the international classification, the Lebanese army is powerful and not in danger, in fact, it is one of the strongest Arab armies, which is a source of pride to all Lebanese,” he continued.

“Lebanese security apparatuses are targeted by terrorists, they effective is fighting terrorism and I am reassured about their status which is now better than before,” Murr put in, adding that “Lebanon is still in danger because ISIL phenomenon will not be solved in weeks or months, but it will take years.”

According to Murr: “The only way for the Lebanese is to support the army and the security apparatuses, to halt internal political disputes and to speed the election of a new president in order to provide Lebanon with a political, security and military immunity and to preserve Lebanon’s economy.”

“The situation in Lebanon is critical and difficult, and we will do our best in order to help the Lebanese citizens to resist and overcome the challenges,” Murr said, adding that “I am eager to begin the information exchange between Lebanon, the INTERPOL and several countries around the world in the context of fighting terrorism and the organized crime.”

“The INTERPOL values Lebanon’s positive cooperation” Murr said.

In the occasion of the inauguration of the 83rd INTERPOL General Assembly in Monaco 2014, a Cocktail banquet was hold, attended by the Prince of Monaco Albert II and more than a hundred interior and justice ministers and security officials from 190 countries.

The meeting continues tomorrow, attended by the Lebanese delegation formed of Director General of Internal Security forces Major General Ibrahim Basbous and several security officials and presided by Interior Minister Nohad Machnouk.